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Managing Expectations

Know what will guide you on your way.

As we face new beginnings, it is important to set expectations that will lead us not only to success but also to peace and harmony. It is as important to know how we will shape ourselves as much as how we will avoid what will break us. There are many times that we need to be optimistic, but we must also keep in mind that unrealistic expectations lead to disappointments, and even destruction.

As we take on new ventures, let us reflect and set. Know our philosophies that we will base our expectations upon. What might happen and what to do? These are the things I keep in my heart:

  • Not everything will fall into place. There will be order, but there will also be chaos. There will be love that we’ll have to let go. There will be important things and people that we’ll have to lose. There will be bitter events that we’ll have to let happen. This will teach us that we’ll not always be in control. We have to accept the flow of life. We are in a river, we cannot stop nor hold onto the current. Flow.

  • We won’t always be supported. Sometimes people won’t understand. Sometimes we will be doubted. Sometimes we will be alone. But let this be a good thing. To get to your destination, you have to learn to continue on your own. And accept that others have their own destinations too. Know independence. Stand.

  • Not every promise will be kept. You will feel betrayed. You’ll think of inflicting the pain to others like how you received it. But doing so will only lead to further hurting. We all have limited visions. We have to understand that others come to their shortcomings just as we do. Forgive.

  • We are all bound to death and change. We don’t know what will be taken away from us. It could our burdens as much as it can be our happiness. So don’t take things for granted. Enjoy while it lasts. Maximize while lasts. Feel deeply. And when it goes, have no regrets. Embrace temporariness. Seize.

  • Sometimes happiness will come to us too little. We’ll feel like we’ve given so much, but receiving too small in return. We’ll feel it’s unfair. We’ll wonder where did our sacrifices go. But sometimes the best we can do is to be little too. Shrink our ambitions. Minimize our desires. Remember material things will perish. Focus only to the very few things that really matter. Lower.

  • Being in hardship now doesn’t guarantee we’ll prosper later. Learning is a choice. Lessons don’t jump to us — we pick it up. It is up to us to collect the firewoods. And when time comes, we use it. Grow.

May your days be meaningful.

— Jerico Silvers

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