Inner Wellbeing

When your circumstances are more powerful than you,

take care of yourself still.

It comes, whether or not we like it: the time we get overwhelmed by our surroundings and circumstances, caught up in responsibilities, lost in the complexity of life, and losing time to take care of ourselves.

I think it’s a common feeling: you’re breathing but not totally alive. Something is missing, and it hurts. You don’t know what it is exactly, and how to find it back.

Maybe you feel your passions are dying. You’re in a loop of having to do what you need, but never what you want. You’re unhappy with your routines and you are puzzled on how will you restart. Or you want to chase something, but you are busy taking care of others. There are days that you just woke up, yet you are already tired.

And sometimes, you even blame yourself because you think these are all your responsibilities and you failed.

In times like this, we have to be stronger. And we do that in many ways. It may be hard, too much to bear, but for our own good, we have to know what we can do and take care.

Firstly, do not feed your mind with more negative thoughts. Do not make what you are facing harder than it already is. Have compassion for yourself. Forgive your own mistakes. You may think being tough means being strong — but that’s not it. We don’t get stronger nor wiser by beating ourselves up.

Take time to listen to our inner voice.Find solitude and do introspection. Try to focus and silence the background noise. Most of the time, the best solutions we seek also come from us. Map your mind. Know what confuses you. Know what attracts you. From there, you’ll know what steps to take next.

Explore and experiment. See that there are so many wonders you haven’t experienced yet. You can learn or begin many things. You can learn how to cook, or have plants. You search for a club and join. There may be limitations but do not just accept. Push and expand so you will have ideas of what other things life is about.

Don’t cling to the old versions of yourself. Acknowledge that like everything else in this universe, you also change. Maybe many opportunities await you, you just have to be not afraid entering new doors. Let go of what’s gone and be open to the new.

Give time.Respect that many things are still on the process. Many parts of you are also healing. Many progress of you are just starting. Let things develop so they can emerge as what they need to be and be more functional.

Be keen and small.Sometimes success and happiness may seem to be surrounded by strong, tall, thick walls. It’s may feel like it’s impossible for you to get in. There are no guards that you can talk to and ask what do you need to do. But sometimes there are holes are that we can pass through. If only we choose to be small enough and keen enough. It means there are sacrifices that we must make, ambitions we have to let go of, people we have to say goodbye to, burdens we must cut loose, things we must leave behind. It may be a lot. But don’t fret because there are much more worthy treasures inside.

Lastly, pretend.That life is a festival we have to celebrate. Gather your friends and dance with them. Carelessly. Non-stop. Until you drop. And then tomorrow, it’ll feel so much better to get up.

Jerico Silvers read more: instagram/jericosilvers

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