Facing Growth

Embracing what’s beyond the pain

Almost all of my memories of growth are painful. I’m always either crying, whining, or reluctant of facing it. Like in being sent off to school, starting friendships, graduation, having a job, and so much more. Growing always required me to leave something. And mostly something special, something important, something I found so much happiness in.

I think it will always be scary to dive into the unknown. There are always things that we want to protect. But we must face growth, anyway. Because in order to experience life, we must not stay in just one place.

Right now I am facing growth. There are important people who have to leave, I’m having new responsibilities I need to accept, there are new endeavors I need to partake. And in order to ease to ease the pain, I try to look beyond what’s in front of me. I ask myself, what’s this pain for, what’s the meaning of this growth.

Here are my reminders to myself that I would like to share to you:

Growth means having greater strength. The world is complex and tough, and challenges will come our way. In order to overcome, we need to new skills and learnings. And we get that from new experiences. If you are afraid, claim that growth is for you, greater strength is for you.

Growth means putting our capabilities into purpose. As we become better, we also need to move from one place to another so that we use the learnings we acquired and help those who might be needing us. Find happiness in giving.

Growth means finding meaning. We might not be seeing reasons why we were experiencing hardships before, but maybe, when we move forward and reach a different place, we’ll understand why and we’ll be happy for not giving up. Sometimes, it’s only in growth we find meanings in our sacrifices and efforts. And when we find meaning, we get inspired to go further.

Growth means discovering new moments, meeting new people, enjoying new happiness. Everything comes to an end and it’s okay to be sad. But let’s celebrate new beginnings, too. As long as we continue on with lesson-filled heart, joy will be ours. Trust that many wonderful memories are yet to come.

— Jerico Silvers

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