Embracing Change

When it all becomes different, how do you help yourself adapt?

It’s been 2 years since I graduated from college. It was tough I must say. Drastic changes happened and I never felt ready for it.

  • I started working. It felt like a cliff dive. I was so afraid to live a boring life of an employee.

  • My friends and I parted ways. My friends were my everything. I could not go home for a week and just sleepover in my friends dormitory. We’d go to bars seven days a week.

  • I have to live far from family and home. I live in the province, and opportunity there is very small for people like me. I’m a graphic artist.

  • I lost time for my passions, especially ballet and photography. I got distracted, tired, lonely.

In short, it was painful and sad. That it lead me to losing my will to go on. Added with my problems with my gender, religion, and body. My mind became so clouded that everything felt chaotic and nonsense.

But now, I am in a more peaceful state, serene even. You’ll see in my journal a lot of of “I’m grateful for…”

The reason why I’m writing this is because I want to share my learnings. If you ever will go through a tough phase in your life, I want you to know:

  • There will be people who will guide you, help you, without asking anything in return. Search for them. They are out there. And be open.

  • You’ll meet problems much more than you expect. But also, the strength in you is more, too. Sometimes you’ll feel like giving up but the truth is, there are so much more you’re capable of.

  • We’ll lose friends, whether we like it or not. But we will meet new people and share new love. And the love left with us —will stay.

  • Not everything will fall into place, but these things you feel misplaced–will give you lessons, strength, and ideas of what life and happiness really are. Your misadventures will lead you to your destination, to your place of happiness.

  • There are so much to learn. You’ll have different capabilities after passing these struggles. And there will be much more to enjoy and to be happy about. Let yourself transform.

  • Self-love is very important because there will be times you’ll long for love: love from family, love from friends, love from someone. In times they cannot give it to you, you‘ll be the one who’ll give it to yourself.

Some people want to grow up, and others want to stay young. But sometimes, we can be beautifully torn in between.

Jerico Silvers

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